22th March 1933

Matilde Carcano, one of Italy's first female entrepreneurs, founded ICMA, Industria Carte Metallizzate ed Affini, initiating its long, completely female history of entrepreneurship.

That same year in Leipzig (Germany being the industry leader in terms of technology and experience at the time), the company purchased its first coating machine.

1955 - 1956

Upon Matilde's death and the decisive entrance of Elena and her husband Luigi in the company, a period of strong technological innovation began, also thanks to Luigi's passion for technology and chemistry.

The mechanical department of ICMA was created, later becoming CEMB SpA. This is still one of the world's most important companies in the balancing industry.


The traditional multi-arc coating machine was replaced by a modern coating machine, the "48" (as it was nicknamed in the company).

Thanks to the installation of the first machine with dedicated technology, the company began to produce flocked velvet papers with both solid and patterned backgrounds.


The entrance of Silvia, Matilde's granddaughter, as head of the company, coincided with the introduction of the third machine, which was able to coat and flock in a modern way, increasing production and making it more flexible.


The "48" coating machine was upgraded to improve its efficiency and versatility.

The first investments aimed exclusively at reducing the company's environmental impact began.

The production cycle became closed. All the company's liquid waste (composed mainly of water) began to be treated internally and recycled in the production process.

The chemical laboratory was extended to allow better controls and more structured research.

2001 - 2003

Elena Maria Carla became the head of Marketing.

With the entry of the fourth generation, the company had a new impulse, both in terms of product range and investments.

For the first time in the industry, acid green, geranium, lavender, fuchsia, lemon, and China blue made their entrance. From then on, the colours of clothing proposed by designer labels found a new interpretation on paper.

A new building was purchased in order to extend production and warehouse spaces.


Investments in the environmental field became a constant factor in the company's growth path.

The central heating system was replaced to reduce emissions and the consumption of resources.

The company bought a new treatment plant to improve the internal recycling process.

In November that year, ICMA acquired a historic French competitor.

2009 - 2010

FSC certification was obtained

Installation of the first photovoltaic system that provided about 40-45% of the company's required energy.

ICAP SpA, a historic Italian competitor, was acquired. The embossing cylinders owned by ICMA thus grew from 100 to about 250.

2011 - 2012

ICMA was awarded the Enterprises and Social Responsibility Prize for its example of good practice and social responsibility among companies in Lombardy.

Installation of a second modern photovoltaic system that provided, approximately, an additional 40-45% of the company's required energy.

2014 - 2015

The entrance to the company was modified to create space for new meeting rooms.

ICMA was entered among the companies taking part in the CPR (Italian Responsible Payments Code)

The CRM was replaced with a new, more powerful tool and the sales force was reorganized

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