Rinascimento, an innovative circular economy process, is Icma’s latest creation, aimed at providing a service with added value for the client, the end-user, and the environment.

Rinascimento turns cellulosic scraps from the client companies into elegant recycled creative paper— the protagonist of the companies’ own packaging projects.


Rinascimento is a virtuous example of the reuse of materials; the project is carried out in a circular economy context and the scraps are traced throughout the whole supply chain.

The chain of production is shortened: the scrap paper is used directly as a raw material to manufacture the new paper, eliminating the intermediate step of producing virgin or recycled cellulose pulp, a process that uses chemical products, energy,
and water.

Material transportation is reduced, due to the shortening of the production process and thanks to the careful planning of the service: Icma designs the supply chain, choosing partners based on the geographical location of the scraps and the characteristics of the creative project. This results in less
CO2 emissions.


The papers manufactured through Rinascimento are true masterpieces! They are used to produce new creative and exciting packaging that tells a story of love for the environment, without losing the unmistakable charm of Icma sartorial paper.

The Rinascimento service, like all of Icma’s Tailor Made products, is designed and made to measure for the individual client company.


The process begins with a detailed analysis of the client company’s management of cellulosic scraps (corrugated fiberboard boxes, cases, rigid boxes, shopping bags, displays, office paper, catalogs, magazines, etc.).

Icma studies of the Rinascimento application procedures and the subsequent definition of the project to be carried out.

Icma handles all phases of the Rinascimento service, coordinating the stakeholders from the withdrawal of scraps at the company site to the manufacture of recycled industrial paper, created according to the technical characteristics established with the client during the analysis phase.

Throughout all the production phases, the materials are traced to ensure their identification.

Inside the Icma laboratories, the actual metamorphosis of the paper is studied, prepared, and carried out. A custom finish is applied to the recycled industrial paper, making it perfect for the designed packaging project.

Thanks to Icma’s technology and flexibility, a practically infinite number of finishes can be created: customizable colors, tactile, visual and even fragrance effects, embossing... the recycled industrial scrap thus becomes a wonderful creative paper for
high-end packaging.

The final phase of Rinascimento involves returning the paper to the user. In boutique stores, the client’s scraps are given new life as creative paper packaging. 

They become a visible witness to an innovative circular economy process and to the company’s commitment to the environment.


Icma's effort towards sustainability.


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