METALLIC collection

The WARM satin pearlescent papers range from white to almond and are also available on 100% recycled bases with certified FSC Recycled Credit.
These smooth and embossed papers are ideal for fine packaging. 

The COOL satin pearlescent papers include a selection of papers ranging from platinum to black and allude to the world of technical metals and carbon fiber with a timeless masculine look.

The 14 colored pearlescent papers have cheerful, cross-cutting tones, suitable for myriad occasions. They come with London canvas embossing, which is now a classic of ICMA papers.
Innovation: some colors are are already available on 100% recycled base, FSC Recycled Credit certified.

Finally, our flagship glossy metallics: smooth or with Buckram embossing, these papers are unique on the market, for bright packaging.

The Metallic papers are all available in stock in packs of 125 sheets in 70x100 cm or 72x102 cm formats.

Discover them all!