Icma Launches 100% R Bases

Icma presents its “100% R Bases”, unique products representing the foundations of a new season of research and creativity in paper finishing, using the know-how that Icma has been passing down from generation to generation since 1933. They are the first results of the innovation incubator, Icma 2030-Lab, whose name also alludes to the sustainable development goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

100% recycled, certified with an FSC Recycled Credit, and manufactured in an integrated cycle without the use of optical bleachings; these are the characteristics that make “100% R Bases” so unique.

The “100% R-Bases” papers come in natural brown, natural white, and black
, and are available in covering substances. Natural brown is available in various substances.

The new papers are the result of a long process of researching materials and represent a different approach to sustainability from those currently offered in the sector of creative paper for luxury packaging. 
These are the most suitable materials on which to begin the next season of research and creativity in the surface processing of paper and cardboard, thanks to which Icma will provide the market with its aesthetically and ecologically unique 2020 collection.

This work ushers in the Icma 2030-Lab, a research program started by the company and aimed at implementing good, sustainable practices for companies, products, and processes.