ICMA presents the new catalogue Textures/01

The Textures/01 catalog will replace the Elena and Matilde sample books and is enriched with 3 new embossing designs: Buckram 62, Giapponese 85, and Legno Stilizzato 173.
Textures 01 features a new look and concept to make choosing textures simpler.  The embossing designs can all be seen immediately by opening out the 6 faces of the catalog, while a numeric index grouping the textures into macro types (abstract, bush-hammered, floral, geometric, natural, leather, animal prints and canvases) facilitates consultation.
The catalog is truly a journey through the tastes and styles of fashion and luxury of the past 85 years. The textures 101 Marocchino, 155 Skito, 191 Shantung characterized the 1940s, 124 Elefante was a hit in the 1950s and 60s, while 202 Moiré and 114 Saffiano remind us of the 1960s and 70s. Going back in time, we can still find some very distinguishing textures, such as 169 Righe Diagonali from the 1990s, as well as many others that have now become timeless classics to be discovered in a tone of revival or reinterpreted by means of the opportunities offered by the Tailor Made system. On the other hand, designs such as 216 Fibra di Carbonio and minute, almost imperceptible embossing such as 58 Liban and 82 Concord follow the latest trends. Conversely, designs such as 173 Legno Stilizzato are much appreciated by those who wish to convey a message of naturalness.