“Milano Tailor Made” with Icma’s Sartorial Paper and the Creativity of Caterina Crepax to Celebrate 50 years of IED

Icma has renewed its collaboration with IED and with Caterina Crepax, who, in her workshop “Milano Tailor Made”, will propose the creation of a project which, as the artist and professor herself states: “Is a reflection on packaging through the metaphor of the city and its spaces, which conceal and unveil places and artistic expressions”. The building of the large installation will be entrusted to fashion, visual arts, and design students at IED, led by Caterina Crepax, who expresses her poetry and builds tactile metaphors, unusual objects, and tailor-made garments out of paper. To carry out the task, the workshop will run for three days and various types of Icma’s sartorial paper will be used (a range including patterns, colours, and finishes from the Prêt-à-Porter paper collections), combined, assembled, manipulated, and treated using multiple artistic techniques.

In the project, Icma’s papers will be the raw material with which the components of the “Milano Tailor Made” installation will be built. From among Icma’s sartorial range, Caterina Crepax has chosen papers from the very latest collections, including Woods (inspired by the textures of wood, whose tactile effects are surprisingly natural), Coppers (papers that become copper and represent its variation of colour over time and as a result of weather conditions), and Opaques (whose patterns and range of colours and finishes is clearly inspired by architectural and interior design materials). Completing the series of papers to be used in the project are collections which have characterized Icma’s choice of styles over the years, such as Papiko, which features a grainy surface that enhances the bright colours of signage. The workshop “site” will also contain papers whose surfaces perfectly mimic the glossy and reflective variants of metals to give brightness. The Gemma collection features high-tech finishes in fresh colours, such as green gold, pink, and a brilliant sapphire. In contrast, there will also be papers inspired by velvet — an Icma speciality for 85 years — which is soft and mellow to the touch and produced in a wide range of colours.

Images of the project created during the workshop will be visible on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.