Tailor made

Filter our textures to find the most suitable one for your needs!

Telone [1]
Tulle [5]
Piume [8]
Buccia di arancio [12]
Cavallino [13]
Legno castagno [30]
Ghiaccio [37]
sisma [42]
Rafia [49]
Tela di Londra [54]
Liban [58]
Raso [76]
Concord [82]
Persiano [87]
Pied de Poule [89]
Fiore [92]
Plastica [95]
Merletto C [96]
Merletto B [97]
Marocchino [101]
Foca [103]
Canapa [104]
Bocciardato [107]
Bulgaro [110]
Tortuga [113]
Saffiano [114]
Cinghiale [121]
Increspato [122]
Elefante [124]
Sacco [127]
Martellato [129]
Cotone [133]
Jacare [135]
Rete [136]
Onde [139]
Trapunto [143]
Nido di ape [144]
Alligatore [145]
Caimano [146]
Piquet [148]
Fakim [149]
Grano di Miglio [153]
Skito [155]
Sabbia [156]
Buckram [159]
Lino naturale [160]
Iguana [161]
Geco [162]
Trapunto esagonale [168]
Righe diagonali [169]
Geometrico [170]
Struzzo [174]
Lucertola [175]
Telino [179]
Shantung [191]
Legno [192]
Seta [193]
Tela aida [198]
Conchiglia [201]
Moire [202]
Pelle pieno fiore [205]
Cuoio [206]
Righe diagonali [207]
Coco [208]
Saffianino [211]
Righe verticali [212]
Garza [215]
Fibra di carbonio [216]

The rules of the game

Icma Tailor Made has been created to meet the needs of creative people and designers to build unique and distinctive products. There are no effects that Icma cannot reproduce. Your imagination is the only limit!

Sampled colours
Icma is the solution for those relying on packaging colour as the exclusive vehicle of their image and who are looking for maximum flexibility in supply. An example? The minimum order for a sampled colour in the wrapping weight is just 1 tonne.

The images show just part of Icma's collection of around 250 designs. If you are looking for a distinctive texture for your corporate packaging or for a capsule collection, Icma probably already has a solution available for you. So you won't have to invest in the creation of a new embossing cylinder.

Solid background with sampled colours, customized, embossed with one of the many Icma textures, or cloudy to create a sophisticated chiaroscuro effect on the surface. Again, we have something for all tastes!

Additional processing
Bi-colouring (on the pinnacles or recesses of the pattern), to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the paper.
Oxidation, ideal on metallic finishes, to make the mineral effect even more "realistic" on paper.

Reels, rolls or sheets.

Paper, thin and thick cardboard; glossy or matte effects, dope-dyed, uncoated, metallic, soft touch, scented, iridescent, stickers…and much more!
Icma is internally equipped for flocking polystyrene by thermoforming, rigid PVC and PP.

From 50 g/m2 to 400 g/m2.
Semi-finished materials
All the finishes can be created on Icma materials or materials supplied by the customer.