ICMA envelopes

Created for the inserts in Print Buyer and the invitations to Luxe Pack 2016. 
They are an example of how the appearance of even a simple object like an envelope can change radically when "dressed" in extraordinary paper. 


I Naturali - 1201/104
Metalli satinati - 1454/54
Hi-tech - 1435/216


Canapa 104
Tela di Londra 54
Fibra di Carbonio 216 


Clothes make the perfume

Whether round or square, lined or crash-lock, the boxes always complete the image of the fragrances they contain.

A fresh, bold perfume was the protagonist that inspired these cases. Round, with an asymmetric opening, a lizard-skin texture and an unusual colour to allow the fragrance to stand out on the shelves of perfumeries.

Lucertola - 637/175

Lucertola 175 


Sugared almonds and chocolate

The world of chocolate, sugared almonds and slow food in general needs the high quality of its content to be represented by equally unforgettable packaging.

Because the first thing we appreciate when we receive a box of chocolates — before diving into the thousands of haute patisserie flavours — is the box itself.

Tailor made - Gemma - Bianco 1400/211
Coco Lavanda - 650/208
Coco Fuxia - 634/208
Tailor made - Susi 5326
Tailor made - Tortuga Argento 850/113

Saffianino 211
Tortuga 113
Coco 208
Moirè 202 



Paper for any idea

With its endless applications, paper can become the starting point for unique projects.

In this creation, the use of various techniques:cutting, gluing, stitching, and laminating meant that a unique product could be made — no longer packaging, but a veritable fashion item.


Velluto Nylon - Nero V19N

Black and White

When a detail makes all the difference. 

It's true that black and white packaging can never go wrong, but why not try to stand out from the rest?


Tao - Nero 343/87
Tao - Nero 343/42
Tao - Bianco 353/87
Tao - Bianco 353/42
Tailor made - Tao - Nero 343/110
Tailor made - Tao - Bianco 353/110  


Persiano 87
Sisma 42
Bulgaro 110 


Bags or Shopping bags

Beautiful and very strong paper, so faithful to real leather that the shopping bags made from it, embellished with special handles, can even become real women's handbags.

Because following fashion doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. 


Lucertola - 635/175
Lucertola - 634/175
Lucertola - 615/175

Lucertola 175 


Pure black shirt box

When selecting masculine or feminine packaging, black is always a winning choice.

Whether the box is small or large, a modern and sophisticated texture makes it truly unique. 


Tao - 343/13

Cavallino 13