Icma presents Kind, the manifesto collection that describes Icma’s commitment to ethical and sustainable development

Icma is pleased to present its new collection Kind, the result of a season of research and creativity under the banner of ethical and sustainable development and of the constant commitment that led the company to obtain Benefit Corporation status last May.

“Kind” is a manifesto collection, the expression of minimal beauty, where subtraction guarantees added value; “fair” materials, natural textures, and timeless finishes bring to life good, honest, and “kind” sartorial paper.

The collection is made up of 100% recycled paper with FSC® Recycled Credit certification, produced without chlorine or optical bleaching; the papers with natural brown and black verso are not deinked. The production process is integrated, saving water and energy, and reducing CO2 emissions.
In Kind, sustainability innovations go hand-in-hand with the quest for beauty and tailoring, a distinctive aspect of Icma products in over 85 years of experience in paper processing.

Three different paper series are available in the new collection: 100% R Bases (in natural white, natural brown, and black), Linen (a reproduction of the canvases used as a noble covering material), and Waves (an Eastern-inspired series, whose subtle beauty alludes to the typical atmosphere of peace, harmony, and serenity of Japanese Zen gardens).

All the papers in the Kind collection are available in stock. The minimum order is a 125-sheet pack. 

For every 10,000 sheets sold, Icma will plant a tree in its Laetitia forest. 

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