Icma presents Tailor Guide

The Tailor Guide demonstrates how you can create your own customized paper by selecting:
§- The paper base and weight:
An extensive assortment of paper and cardboard. From 50 g (suitable for gift wrapping) or 100/140 g (for lining/layering) to 160-250 g (for shopping bags) or 300/350/400 g (for die-cutting).
Icma’s papers are made from virgin or recycled cellulose and are FSC-certified, of the highest intrinsic quality, with a pleasing aesthetic, and are easy to work with. The variety of weights means that packaging can be coordinated with corporate communication tools (catalogs, invitations, and booklets).
§- The verso:
The reverse side of the paper has practical functions and, for this reason, Icma provides the option of making it self- or thermo-adhesive. When visible, the reverse side can also have an aesthetic function, so it’s available uncoated or dyed the same color as the front side, or in its own particular finish or hue.
§-The color:
Color plays a crucial role in the visual impact and in communicating the distinctive codes of a brand. The Prêt-à-Porter collection thus offers a very extensive choice. The color can also be customized using a Pantone reference or a material whose color is translated onto paper by the Icma laboratory.
§- The finish:
In combination with the texture and color, the finish makes a big difference in creating a one-of-a-kind solution. Matte, semi-gloss, gloss, soft-touch, pearlescent, metallic, glitter, iridescent, satin, oxidized, fluorescent, full or partial velvet, solid color, two-color, or polychrome. There are many options, to which a final touch — the fragrance — can be added.
§- The texture:
Throughout Icma’s 85-year history, an unmatched collection of embossing cylinders has been built. It is a very extensive embossing repertoire which, decade upon decade, has reflected changes in taste and styles. It’s possible to draw from this wealth of creativity and, by mixing the options provided by the Tailor-Made system, you can create something completely new and original. Naturally, smooth paper variants are available, as is customization, with the creation of a cylinder belonging to the customer.
§- The size:
Paper reels, rolls, or sheets correspond to different uses and can be ordered and handled quickly.
§- The quantity:
When combining the colors and paper weights of the Prêt-à-Portercollection with any pattern from the Textures catalog, the minimum quantity for an order is 2.000 sheets. Pantone colors are created starting from 1 tonne, which may also be split into various paper weights.
The Tailor Guide contains around 30 examples of paper and cardboard, characterized by obtainable finishes, to inspire creative professionals and show them what can be achieved. The examples include the following papers:
*- full or partial velvet
*- offset printable velvet
*- matte, semi-matte, gloss, and shiny
*- metallic
*- pearlescent
*- soft-touch, powder-touch, and textured
*- smooth and embossed
*- on pure cellulose and recycled cellulose base
*- pulp-dyed and soaked (the paper fiber is dyed by Icma, starting from a sand-color or white base paper)
*- two-colors on the front (printed or ink-embossed)
*- in various weights (paper and cardboard)
*- dyed on the front in one color and on the back in another
*- with adhesive backing
All the papers have been finished, each with a different printing technique, to demonstrate their performance.
At the beginning of the guide, a table of contents groups the various paper categories by common themes (e.g. all the matte papers, all the papers on a recycled base, etc...) so that those looking for a matte paper, for example, can quickly identify just the examples with matte finishing, and so forth.
The Tailor Guide is the practical operational tool for managing Icma’s Tailor Made option, together with the Textures 01 swatch book, a selection of 72 embossing patterns.
The swatch books can be requested from Icma via a form available on the website www.icma.it.