Icma’s Tailor-Made is green with 100% post-consumer waste paper

The paper created by Icma with cellulose derived entirely from post-consumer waste has opened a new era for customization, making it indistinguishable from creations on other paper bases.

Icma is the only company able to combine three aspects for luxury packaging:
§- Customization (color, finish, texture)
§- The use of high-quality 100% post-consumer waste paper
§- Minimum quantities (starting from just one tonne).
Icma has always been focused on its environmental impact, with systems and manufacturing processes that aspire to optimize sustainability. With PCW paper, the company is taking a decisive step forward to meet the needs of the more eco-conscious luxury companies, which, however, do not want to compromise on creative freedom or on the aesthetic codes that characterize them.
Icma enables the creation of effectively “tailor-made” products on FSC-certified paper and cardboard between 50 to 400 gsm, virgin cellulose or 100% post-consumer waste (PCW).
With Tailor-Made, it's easy to be green.