With Tailor Made, paper is “made to measure”

To Icma, color means any colour. One that you suggest with reference to the Pantone color, or one that you find in our Prêt à Porter collections. Colors that aren’t there can be created in the Icma laboratory. Not to mention the dual option: dying both the front and back of the paper.
How many finishes can give the texture and color a unique and distinguishing touch? Matte, semi-glossy, glossy, soft touch, pearlescent, metallic, oxidized, glitter, iridescent, satin, fluorescent, full or partial velvet, solid color, two-color with depth effects, polychrome, and perfumed. Have we forgotten something? Yes, there is still room for other possibilities. We await your request.
Icma always makes it possible to create special colors and finishes with a minimum order of just one tonne, even if divided among various weights. This gives you the maximum flexibility to coordinate your packaging and corporate image. With Tailor Made, choice is the true advantage.