Icma is increasingly social

“The activation of our Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages is part of an extensive three-year sales and marketing development plan. With the social channels, we have discovered great enthusiasm towards the Icma world and many applications of our paper that we had not even imagined”.

Why is it important to be “social”?
“With the social networks, we can talk about our paper with a different perspective from the institutional channels such as the website: we try to give it an inspirational spin through images and contents that provide inputs to the creativity of those who follow us; our followers, by means of their creations, give our paper three-dimensionality, describing its uses and “inspiring” in turn. This is why we like to give visibility to anyone who uses our paper, whether they are transformers, designers, artists or students.
Finally, with the social networks, we have opened a direct line of communication with the company, committed to responding to the many requests within 24 hours".

What are the plans for the future?
“Our actions will be geared towards enlarging our community and its level of interaction with the company. So we will continue to invest, thrill, create fresh contents and spark the creativity of our followers. The message I want to give is “follow us and you won’t be disappointed”.