Paper Identifies with Wood in the Woods Collection.

The papers in the Woods collection feature the typical grains and knots of timber in relief, with the same tactile and perceptive effects as experienced when brushing against a rough piece of wood. The similarity of the colours and hues with the various types of timber is also astonishing. The collection ranges from the typical vegetation of our forests, including birch, fir, chestnut and oak, to the exotic timbers of the equatorial forest, such as rosewood, wengè and ebony.
The collection responds to the luxury industry's request for naturalness but at a low cost. It is a paper that easily lends itself to all packaging applications, whose surface is compatible with the main printing techniques (offset, digital, hot stamping and screen printing), producing excellent results.
Woods offers 19 papers in different weights.
The Woods catalogue is presented with a more functional look. The samples inside are large and cascading. A new feature, whose usefulness is valued, is the catalogue insert showing the result of the various printing techniques on the Woods papers.
The three new collections Opaques, Coppers and Woods will replace the Gélée, Eli Nappa and Tao series, which will be available up to stock exhaustion.
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