Ready-to-use smooth Kraft paper is Icma’s proposal for luxury brands

For Icma (, the papers in the Natural catalogue are a tangible expression of its long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, for which it has lavishly invested in its manufacturing systems. They are also an example of how innovation can be made on a type of product — namely kraft paper — that has been around for a long time and how it can become an icon of the new simple and refined luxury. The versatility of use of smooth kraft paper, ease of printing, and the practicality of having the sheets ready in packs are driving the demand for this item, which large luxury brands increasingly consider to be simply perfect to convey the new fundamental values consumers believe in.
The kraft paper offered by Icma is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), the trademark that distinguishes papers originating from responsible forest management. The processing cycle of kraft paper has a low environmental impact as optical brighteners are not used. The paper contains 20% high-quality recycled fibres and is, in turn, completely recyclable. The process for manufacturing kraft paper is shorter, as the pulp need not be treated. It thus uses 20% less electricity, steam, and water.
The I Naturali natural light brown series features a range of 12 textures with minute designs, both abstract in nature and inspired by textile or wood patterns, in addition to the highly successful smooth kraft paper. These papers come in the typical natural light brown colour. Icma supplies kraft paper in packs of 125 sheets in the lining weight (125g), shopping bag weight (200g) and for die-cutting (300g), ready for delivery in a short time.
The I Naturali white, ivory and black series complete the range on offer.