Woods brings the naturalness of wood to the world of luxury

A whole new collection is now available, allowing luxury brands and packaging designers to create containers, shopping bags, and corporate communication tools perfectly aligned with the most popular trend cherished by consumers: the naturalness of the composition and representation of materials.
The Woods collection is made up of 12 papers, complemented by another 4 already in the Natural collection, dedicated to depicting the world of timber in two ways. Part of the collection faithfully reproduces the grains and knottiness by enabling the textural quality to be tangibly felt, while several references have been studied to artistically interpret the veins, adding graphic markings and stylized features to create an original and modern composition. The colours are those that occur frequently in nature, dominated by hues ranging from beige and brown to black. The bi-colouring of some papers, made using the embossing printing process, creates a realistic effect of depth with the contrasting hues deposited at the bottom of the embossing.
The new Woods collection is available in the traditional weights for lining, shopping bags, and die-cuts.
To see the paper series and admire the Woods range, visit the Icma website (www.icma.it) and use our paper finder, which will allow you to find a suitable product in just a few steps, or request the new catalogue.
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