2016 Scholarship ceremony

Silvia Buzzi Torri, who represents the continuous family bond uniting Cemb and Icma, has awarded scholarships to the children of the employees of the two companies, both based in Mandello and each representing an important local resource, as well as being well-known and valued internationally for their innovation and quality manufacturing.

Icma has gained a prominent place thanks to the originality of its papers, created using exclusive surface processing to make them suitable for packaging and corporate publishing. 

In the context of corporate social responsibility, Icma stands alongside Cemb in carrying forward its commitment to the scholarships, which give a substantial contribution to the children of employees to facilitate and encourage their future entry into working life.

Upon handing over the 38 scholarships to the children of the employees of the two companies who attend high school or university, Silvia Buzzi Torri stated: "Knowledge goes well beyond learning basic notions. It is a fascinating journey that never ends and, if tackled with the mind and heart, with the humility of those who wish to make the most of their marvellous talents, it will have the power to make you more confident and therefore freer, in a society in desperate need  of individuals who are able to make their own choices in work and in life, with expertise and originality".

Since 1995, the scholarships have been named in memory of Luigi Buzzi, Silvia Buzzi Torri's father and the founder of Cemb, which excels internationally in the manufacture of balancing machines. Icma, a company specialized in the processing of paper for packaging and corporate publishing, has a completely feminine history, having been founded in 1933 by Matilde Carcano, Silvia Buzzi Torri's grandmother, but enjoyed the vital contribution of engineer Buzzi alongside Matilde and Elena. Today, Icma is headed by Elena Maria Carla Torri, the fourth generation of women leading the company.

The scholarship ceremony was followed by the awarding of the photography competition on the theme “Live the balance”. Awards were given to Ettore Bruseghini for “Equilibrio in coppia” (most original interpretation), Davide Lanfranchi for “Freedom” (most spot-on interpretation), Giulio Menetti for “Tra terra e mare” (most artistic interpretation) and Raffaele Paruzzi for “Live the balance, balanced to live” (theme focused and closest to the Cemb world, artistic and technically valid photo).

From among the 50 photos taken by the employees of both companies, thirteen have been chosen to illustrate the 2017 calendar of Cemb and Icma.