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A leading company in the processing and finishing of paper, cardboard, and plastic sheet materials.

Sought-after among the most prestigious luxury brands, its products have dressed up the gifts of popes and heads of state. 

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Innovations in the paper industry

  • Paper Identifies with Wood in the Woods Collection.

    At Luxe Pack, Icma presented 65 new sartorial papers© belonging to the three collections Coppers, Woods and Opaques. They can all already be seen on the Icma website and their many variants can be discovered on Instagram and Facebook.

  • “Milano Tailor Made” with Icma’s Sartorial Paper and the Creativity of Caterina Crepax to Celebrate 50 years of IED

    For the 50th anniversary of the founding of IED – the European Institute of Design – and as part of the initiatives which, for Icma, will mark 85 years of paper creations and innovations for packaging, corporate publishing, and the communication of luxury brands, a workshop conceived and run by Caterina Crepax will take place at the Triennale:

    From Thursday 26th October
    10.30 am - 5.00 pm
    v.le Alemagna 6, Milan


  • MILANO TAILOR MADE By Caterina Crepax

    An extraordinary collaboration between Caterina Crepax and ICMA Sartorial Paper for the 50th anniversary of the founding of IED, The European Institute of Design.

  • Today we’re talking about... Opaques

    At Luxe Pack, Icma presented 65 new sartorial papers© belonging to the three collections Coppers, Woods and Opaques. They can all already be seen on the Icma website and their many variants can be discovered on Instagram and Facebook.

  • We wait for you at Luxe Pack Monaco

    Luxe Pack Monaco
    2-4 October 2017

    Stand DA5  Hall Diaghilev
  • Ready-to-use smooth Kraft paper is Icma’s proposal for luxury brands

    The trend towards sustainable and essential materials has led Icma to create the Natural catalogue, made up of three series. Each includes a variety of innovative designs, but standing out among the rest, due to its versatility of use, is the smooth kraft paper, which Icma supplies in practical packs of 125 sheets.

  • Icma sartorial paper presents its three-year balance of driven growth

    Icma is a typical family-run SME, strongly and proudly rooted in the Lariano area, where it represents excellence in the sector of paper and cardboard for high-end packaging and publications. Established in 1933 by Matilde Carcano, as of today, four generations of the family’s women have taken over the company's leadership in succession.

  • Woods brings the naturalness of wood to the world of luxury

    Icma sartorial paper© gives an original interpretation of timber grains and knots in the new Woods collection to be previewed at Packaging Première.

  • We wait for you at Packaging Première

    Packaging Première
    16-17-18 May 2017

    BOOTH A11

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  • ICMA Carnival 2017

    The inaugural Icma Sartorial Mask Carnival was an exquisite display of creative ingenuity and
    sartorial excellence.
  • Icma's presence in France is strengthened with Dupont Agencies

    France is a strategic market for luxury, long served by Icma with its collections of paper for packaging and publications. Now, thanks to a partnership with Dupont Agencies, luxury brands can count on an even more responsive local service focused on its needs.

  • 2016 Scholarship ceremony

    In the context of corporate social responsibility, Icma stands alongside Cemb in carrying forward its commitment to the scholarships, which give a substantial contribution to the children of employees to facilitate and encourage their future entry into working life.